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“Cryptocurrencies are currently the “IN” thing and like me if you have invested in the right cryptos for the past 6 months you may have already enjoyed 50x up to 100x or more returns depending on which coin you invested on. This time is just the beginning of a lot more opportunities to come for us for atleast the next 5 years.”

~ Cryptowarrior

Great Wall of China

What is it all about?

A forum by crypto experts for crypto enthusiasts and investors alike, owners impart great valued information and trading knowledge for the whole community. It is started and maintained by a team of crypto experts having years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

The elite privage crypto trading forums is for people who have interest in trading cryptocurrencies especially Altcoins. You get insights to the recent developments and technical features of top cryptocurrencies and of those who have potentials in the market. You also get a chance to build a reputation by sharing your own insights and analysis in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The forum provides message boards about the leading exchanges where you can share your experiences and reviews. You also get resources to trading and market data analysis and the latest events in world of cryptocurrencies, plus personal tips and tricks from the Forum owners and expert members.
Last and most important, you get trading insights and calls as to when it is a GOOD TIME TO BUY OR SELL a certain cryptocurrency.

What will I get from joining?

✅ The latest calls and information not only from the owners themselves but also from other top crypto investors out there. The team is currently subscribed to other crypto expert groups and the subscription amount reaches around more than $2000 per month. This wealth of information is capsulized and shared within so in effect, by joining the forum you will have saved more than 2000 dollars of monthly subscriptions not to mention the time it takes to compartmentalize, read and make use of all that data.

✅ The latest crypto events

✅ The latest INSIGHTS and DEVELOPMENT NEWS for the TOP COINS to purchase.

✅ INSIDER INFO shared by people who are physically present attending the elite conventions and other pertinent events per cryptocurrency.

✅ Which top coins to buy now, tomorrow or in the near future.

✅ On the other hand, which coins to sell/short now, tomorrow or in the near future.

✅ INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH from a round the clock paid IT team to gather information on cryptocurrency markets.


Asides from the Trading basics, trading resources and others, the forums are subdivided into three main categories which are the following:
The crypto trading forums will be live as long as bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are live. Just like stocks, binaries and hedge funds, the more people who know about cryptocurrencies, the better.


You are welcome to be part of this elite circle.



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